Central Florida Veg Fest
Poster, tshirt, ad design
This poster, which also became T-shirt, flyer and advertisement artwork, was created in Adobe Illustrator.

The website was designed to promote the 2011 festival and carry over into future years.

Official Veg Fest 2009 Tshirt
Veg Fest 2011 poster
Official Veg Fest 2011 Tshirt
Official Veg Fest 2012 Poster
Official Veg Fest 2012 Tshirt
Vegetarians of Central Florida logo
SmogVeil Records
Translating Bombastic Music + Awesome FlowSmogVeil Records

Creating the logo and imagery for this project was a challenge that led to a complex, but simple looking identity.
The logo.When placed over a background, "Veil" is not opaque, but somewhat transparent. This reflects the record company's ethics and standards.
Front & Back of business card for the President of SmogVeil Records
Banner ad
Original hand illustration that became the basis for all other collateral.
Orlando Ballet
Orlando Ballet QR code and Facebook profile image
Promotional Flyer
Playbill cover
Playbill cover
Playbill cover
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