Website Design
Various designs for web
Below are several designs for web that I created for a variety of clients from entertainment to political. I used Adobe Illustrator to create wireframes, then converted them to .psd files to fully render them and create the proper feel with color, typeface use, and user experience/user interface for each client.
This site was created to update the image of an eclectic and unique record company. It maintains the hard-edge feeling of the former image, but adds some interest with texture, more images (and an easier, fewer steps to buy interface) and meaningful color choice that fits the company's personality, lifestyle and goals.
This site for created for a political candidate to focus on connecting with people and providing a strong call to action for his campaign.
Illustrated main page for Ripley's Publishing to promote their children's book series entitled RBI (Ripley's Bureau of Investigation). Hand illustrations were scanned and used in different pages throughout the site to promote the hand-illustrated books.
When a secret lock is found and clicked on, the guardian of the secret lab presents the viewer with an opportunity to become an agent.
Access is granted after a visual and auditory retina scan.
The agent then travels underground to access the secret lab, where she or he can watch videos, learn about the characters, download coloring pages and more.
More of the secret lab with Ripley's hologram giving them a mission.
Central Florida Earth Day
This site, created for Central Florida Earth Day was created with Illustrator wireframes, converted to .psd files and rendered in PhotoShop before passed on to the developer.
Central Florida Veg Fest
Web design for Central Florida Veg Fest
Ripley's Believe it or Not!

I designed six Ripley's museum sites using PhotoShop, then passed my designs on to a developer to code, overseeing the developer's progress from hand-off to the go live date.
Homegrown Co-op Website
This site was created using Wordpress by a team of designers and developers. I created several graphics throughout the site, and designed this page using the slider theme.
Body Dialogue
This quieter, softer site was created for a body work healing expert to promote her teaching and healing practice and to focus on the different services she offers.
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